TipMate Support


It's pretty common for restaurant servers to bump up your tip when entering a bill. TipMate comes with two innovative Checksum methods to protect you from fraud. What the checksums do is give you specific amount to tip and then if the waiter bumps up your tip you will be able to see it on your bank statement.

The Palindrome checksum acts like a mirror and works like this:
Your original bill is $100. You decide to tip 23%, therefor you total bill is $123.00. What a waiter could do is bump up the total to $133 and you would probably never notice.
If you use the palindrome checksum it will tell you to tip $23.32 so that your total bill is $123.32. Notice how the numbers match. Now, if the waiter bumped up the total by $10 you would get $133.32 on you bank statement which does not mirror therefor you have been scammed.

Your original bill is $100. You decide to tip 15%, therefor the total bill is $115.00. A waiter could bump it up to $125.00. If you use the addition checksum, the total bill will be $115.06 and the tip will be $15.06. Notice how the 2 red digits add up to the blue digits (1+5=06). If the total bill was bumped up to $125.06 you would realize that you have been scammed, as 2+5 does not equal 6.

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