Scales Support

First, select a category from the drop down menu.

Then select two units: one on the left and one of the right.

You can type into either text box and the other will be updated with the conversion result as you type.

Hover your mouse over one of the text fields to display a “Copy” button. Click on it to copy the value displayed to the clipboard for you to paste somewhere else.

To edit the unit database, click Units in the menu bar then Add/Remove Units. This will open the Categories and Units editor.

To edit any value, simply double click on it in the table view.

For an explanation of what each value means and does, use the question mark buttons in that window.

You can drag rows to re-arrange them, too.

Once you're done making changes, click File > Save Changes. If you want to cancel the changes, click File > Revert. To restore the original units database, click File > Restore Original Units.

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