Hire Me!

I am always interested in expanding my skill set by working on new projects. If you've got something you'd like created or a new idea, I'd love to get involved, so please contact me.

My areas of expertise are:

Here are some of the projects I have worked on for clients recently:

Aberdeen Grammar School App And Website

As house vice house captain, I was asked to come up with a system to revolutionise the way in which pupils keep up to date with house points, events and news as well as infuse them with a competitive spirit. AGS Houses does exactly that.

Firstly, I created the iOS app for pupils, parents and staff to install on their devices. I ensured it worked reliably, kept them in a competitive spirit with the current house points being the main focus point.

Next, I needed to create a way for the school to keep these apps installed on hundreds of devices running smoothly. So I redesigned the school's website from scratch, with an added Admin section. From here, teachers are able to log in securely and make a wide array of changes to the app and website with no technical knowledge or teaching required.


A successful DJ who was an avid user of one of my apps, InstanTunes, approached me and presented this business concept he had thought up called DIYDJ. It comprised of a digital sound system, married with a super user-friendly, simple music jukebox with thousands of songs, allowing party hosts to be a do-it-yourself DJ.

With a clear vision and strict requirements, I converted my existing iPad version of InstanTunes to run on an iPad locked into a kiosk which would be controlled by a user who had never used any such software before. I had to add certain extra features such as a passcode lock incase party hosts didn't want guests tampering with the music queue.

With many versions of the app being sent for testing and coming back with enhancement requests, the final app did not disappoint.

Radio Atlantique iOS Streaming App

A radio DJ who regularly used my InstanTunes app on his live radio show emailed me with some suggestions and possible improvements for InstanTunes in terms of using it for DJing a live radio show. During the following weeks, I worked hard to bring his ideas into reality.

After seeing my potential and skill, he suggested I take up the job of creating his radio station's iOS App. With an app outline agreed on, I created the app and published it to the App Store. The radio station was extremely pleased with the end result and downloads have surpassed heir expectations.