iConvert Pro
A simple yet powerful unit converter.


OS X 10.5 or greater

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Questions or Suggestions?

iConvert Pro is a dashboard widget which can convert over 700 units within 24 categories. With its easy to use and simple interface you can quickly convert almost anything without hassle. There are many preferences to choose from to suit your needs such as the number of decimal places to round to, choose whether or not to use commas to separate thousands and the font size. iConvert Pro will also work in french.

Why Go Pro?
-Over 700 units rather than only 100
-14 more categories
-Even better and easier to use interface
-Copy and paste the results of your conversion
-Option to round answers to a certain number of decimal places
-Option to use commas to separate thousands
-Ability to choose the font size
-The “swap” button
-Free updates emailed to you

Still can't decide whether or not to buy?
Download iConvert for free which can convert over 100 units within 13 categories.