About me

me I am a 22 year old fascinated with technology and fantastic software, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have a passion for designing and creating simple yet powerful software that works seamlessly with it's hardware.

In May 2009 when I was just 14, I created Vivex Software, a small software company.

It joined with Craig's Widgets in November 2009 which is the organisation I created in December 2008 to house all my Mac Dashboard Widgets.

The successful launch of the Mac App Store in January 2011 inspired me to redevelop the iConvert Pro widget specifically to run on OS X as a standalone app, rebranded “Scales”.

In 2012, I led a team of 6 pupils in the F1 in Schools Challenge, all the way to the Abu Dhabi World Finals, which hugely increased my skill set and experience. We have an awesome website with more info on the challenge and about are success.